NX04 has about 1000 DVDs available as short-loan items:

  • 200 English and other languages
  • 250 German
  • 300 French
  • 250 Spanish

Borrowing them is easy; just visit NX04, select up to three DVDs and fill in a blank paper form from the green box next to the DVDs – your name, email, the date and the DVD titles. The sign on the door says if NX04 is open or when it will be open again.

Please return them within a couple of days – there is a Returns slot next to the library, or just post them through the door if the office is closed.

Of course there are other ways to view international films these days:

  • commercial services like Amazon and Netflix
  • Box of Broadcasts – TV recordings from all channels, including films
  • YouTube is always worth searching
  • Walter Presents (part of Channel 4) has a rolling selection of international, independent and art-house films and TV series – and is free!

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