There are several different ways that your tutor may use to give you feedback on your assignment. The step by step guide below shows you how to access those from the Turnitin document viewer.

  1. Browse to your Blackboard module. From the left hand menu select the page that you previously submitted your work to. Normally this will be the Submissions page.
  2. Click View/Complete on the relevant submission point.
  3. From the next screen select the View button for the submission you wish to see feedback for.
  4. The document viewer will then open. There are a number of ways that your tutor may have decided to give you feedback.
    A. Inline comments on the document itself.
    B.  Clicking the feedback button will display the overall feedback comment and the View Rubric button.
    C. – An over all feedback comment.
    D. – Clicking the View Rubric button will show you either the Rubric or Grading Form, depending on which your tutor has used.

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