For LSS oral exams and presentations you will need to record directly to Aston Replay (Panopto) rather than through the Blackboard log-in.

LSS uses special Blackboard courses to store all oral exam recordings, so they can be easily shared with external examiners without any risk of students viewing them.

Please contact the LSS Assessment team if you need to record any oral exams; they will make you an instructor on the correct Blackboard course.

Please contact to get any technical training your need and arrange to borrow the webcam kits.

This guide is available as a PDF you can print for easy reference when setting up the exam: Recording oral exams and presentations

  1. Start by selecting Panopto from Aston Apps and logging in. This will make the recorder available at step 10
  2. Open a web browser (Chrome preferred, and not Microsoft Edge)
  3. Access
  4. Click Browse in the left-hand navigation pane (see screenshot 1 below)
  5. Make sure that My folders is selected and not All folders
  6. Type your search term (e.g. spanish oral exam)
  7. Select the correct folder (e.g. 2018-19 Spanish oral exam recordings)
  8. Select a sub-folder if necessary (e.g. LS3100 LSS oral examinations)
  9. Select the purple Create button near the top of the screen and select Record a new session (see screenshot 2 below)
  10. Select Open Panopto to open the recorder, choose the inputs (microphone, webcam, screen) and give the recording a name.

Screenshot 1: how to browse to the folder you need

Screenshot 2: click Create to Record a new session

Practical Tips

  • Check that all the students are visible in the webcam preview
  • Switch on the room lights, especially if the students are standing in front of their projected slides.
  • Double-check that the audio level is acceptable – this usually means setting it to maximum.


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