Unfortunately, you can’t attach a file containing feedback using the Turnitin Feedback Studio since the system is designed to support online marking (only).

If your assessment design requires you to provide feedback by attaching a file, let the LSS Assessment team know at least one week before the assignment becomes available so they can recreate it as a Blackboard Assignment which does support file attachments.

Is there a plan B?

You can attach a file using the Blackboard Grade Centre but can only do this after the marks have been released and the anonymity lifted. You should be aware that the process is time-consuming and presents some difficulties.

  • The first difficulty is that students may not view the feedback. They know that they click on a Turnitin submission and select View to see the online feedback, but they will need to use the My Grades feature to be able to see the link to your file, and will need specific guidance on how to view that.
  • The second difficulty is knowing which feedback file belongs to each student. Almost all assignments are anonymous and the submissions identified by candidate number only, but the candidate number is not shown in the Blackboard Grade Centre. See below for some thoughts on how to solve this problem.

The University of Reading have produced a step-by-step guide showing how to attach a file to a Turnitin assignment in the Blackboard Grade Centre.

When you are in the Modify Grade screen:

  • If the student has followed LSS advice and typed their candidate number into the Comment area when they submitted, you will see that and can use that to choose the correct feedback file.
  • Otherwise you will have to click the link to view the User’s paper, see the candidate number on its title page and use that to choose the correct feedback file.
  • Both of these choices are indicated on the screenshot below, as well as the link you click to locate and attach your feedback file.

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