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Box is an online file storage system, similar to ones you may already use, such as DropBox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. The difference is that Box is Aston’s institutional system, rather than a personal choice.

I recommend that you store all your work files in Box, for these reasons:

  • Access anywhere: you can access your files from the web browser on any computer – at Aston, home, other locations or even abroad. There are free Box Mobile apps available for iOS and Android mobile devices for easy access on-the-go.
  • Easy to use: install Box Drive on your Windows or Mac PC/laptop to make your Box folders and files look like a normal disk drive (requires an internet connection to work). If you need offline access to your files, ask the IT Helpdesk about Box Sync.
  • Secure storage and backup: your files are secure (you have to log in to access them) and are automatically backed-up. In fact Box stores up to 100 versions of each file – it creates a new one each time you save – so although you normally only see the latest version, you can go back and retrieve earlier versions if you need to.
  • Easy to share: it is easy to share files or complete folders with colleagues at Aston, and set permissions such as view only or edit. You can also share with other non-Aston people by emailing them a link.
  • Supports collaborative work: you can upload and share documents in a folder, attach comments to them, get email notifications of any changes and even simultaneously edit documents created using Microsoft Office Online.

So Box is better and safer in every way than storing your documents on your PC’s hard drive, or having to manually create backups, or saving work on easily lost USB pen drives. It is easy to get started by simply uploading your existing folders and files to Box – although this might also be a good opportunity to be selective and delete or archive old files.

Log in to Box at

I highly recommend reading the Box User Guide for detailed (but simple) guidance on getting the most from it.

IT Services have a help page about Box, Box Drive and Box Mobile.

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