The following software is available on the PCs in the LSS Student Resource Centre on floor 10 of the North Wing. Support for this software from NX04 is on a ‘best efforts’ basis as we are not expert users, but most of the linked websites include online tutorials.

Corpus Linguistics

AntConc – corpus linguistics analysis of written texts. [Free, Win + Mac + Linux]

Basic English Stanford Tagger – assigns parts-of-speech to each word in written texts. [Free, open-source, requires Java 8+]

CHILDES – the Child Language Data Exchange Scheme is not installed, but provides an online resource for sharing and studying children’s conversational interactions.

EXMARaLDA – a system for working with oral corpora (digital audio and video) on a computer. It consists of a transcription and annotation tool (Partitur-Editor), a tool for managing corpora (Corpus-Manager) and a query and analysis tool (EXAKT). [Free, open-source, Win + Mac + Linux]

SketchEngine – a sophisticated commercial lexical analysis tool. Aston students can create a free account, but unfortunately that expires on Brexit in March 2019.

Wordsmith – lexical analysis including concordance and word frequency [Win]. Aston students can request a licence by emailing using their email address


CatsCradle – website translation software that facilitates the translation of all content without damaging the HTML markup code. This is installed on all the PCs.

memoQ – professional translation software. This is installed on the PCs in NX06 A and B. LSS also has a small number of 1-year licences for installation on personal PCs [Win].

SDL Trados Studio 2017 – professional translation software. This is installed on the PCs in NX06 A and B.

SDL Passolo 2018– professional localization software, used in the software and gaming industries. This is installed on the PCs in NX17.

Data Analysis and Programming

NVivo 11 – professional software used to store, organise, tag, analyse and present qualitative data (text, images, audio, video). NVivo is available to install on personal PCs on request.

R and R Studio – R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. R Studio includes a code editor, debugging & visualization tools. [Free, open-source, Win + Mac + Linux]

Python – a general purpose programming language [Free, open-source, Win + Mac]

Strawberry Perl – a scripting and programming language [Free, Win]

Audio and Video

Audacity – audio recorder and editor. [Free, open-source, Win + Mac + Linux]

Aegisub – add hardsub or softsub subtitles to videos. [Free, open-source, Win + Mac + Linux]

Subtitle Workshop – create softsub  subtitles for videos [Free, open-source, Win]

VideoPad – video editor [Win + Mac + iOS + Android]



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