The Library have created two, one minute videos showing:

IT Services have several pages about the new Uniprint service:

Location of Uniprint printers in LSS

All of these printers can be used by staff and students.

All can print in black-and-white or colour.

  • NX06 A (A4 only)
  • NX06 B (A4 only)
  • NX13 (A4 and A3)
  • N917 (A4 and A3)
  • N809 (A4 and A3)

Staff only can access the printer in Post Room MB766 (A4 and A3)

Staff and PhD students can access the printer in MB738 (A4 and A3)

Help with printer problems

The Uniprint service is managed by IT Services, who have a special on-site printer technician to solve paper jams or other problems. You can also request paper refills if required.

Email or call the IT Helpdesk: or x3445

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