Microsoft Office365 gives you access to Outlook (your Aston email), OneDrive (online file store) and Office Online apps (Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc.). You can also download and install Office programs on your Windows PC or Mac, and install apps on your iOS and Android phone or tablet.

You can easily get to your Outlook emails

You can access your Office365 account from any web browser:
  1. First login screen for Office365Type your Aston email address and click Next to see the Aston University sign in page.
  2. Aston sign-in page to access Office365Type your Aston username (not your email!) and password and click Sign In.
  3. Office365 home pageFrom this page you can access your OneDrive files and the online Office apps.
  4. You can also download and install Office on your Windows PC or Mac. Microsoft provide some great online training and help to get you started with using Office365.


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