It is possible to print large A0 posters on A4 paper, but you have 16 sheets of A4 to join. With colour printing this costs £6.40, so check you poster carefully for typos and other errors before printing. In particular, check the title and headings. I highly recommend printing an A4 version (just File > Print) first and proof-reading that before printing the A0 version.

Of course you’ll get a much better result if you get it printed A0. The Students Union Copyshop accepts PDF files only and has a 24-hour turn-around, so best to give them at least two days before you need the poster. I’ve been told that Rymans on Aston Street offer an on-the-spot printing service for about £25. You should save your poster as a PDF and take it on a USB memory stick.

How to join the 16 sheets of A4

  • Trim the left-hand and bottom edge of each A4 sheet to remove unwanted blank margins.
  • Leave the right-hand and top blank margins as you can use those to stick the sheets together.
  • I recommend using a glue stick to tack a row of 4 sheets together and then turn them over carefully and tape the back joins.
  • Assemble the next row and then stick and tape the two rows together. Repeat to complete the poster.

How to print A0 using A4 pieces

These instructions assume that you’ve set the page size of your poster as A0 (119cm x 84cm),

  1. Choose File > Print and then click Printer Properties.
  2. Select the Basic tab and make sure you have selected single sided landscape colour printing.
  3. Select the Layout tab, tick Poster and select 16 pages per poster.
  4. Click OK to finish setting up the printer and then click Print.


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