Faronics Insight enables tutors running a session in a PC lab to:

  • display their own screen on all the student PCs e.g. to show slides or demonstrate how to use software;
  • view small ‘thumbnail’ images of all students’ PC screens to check they are on task;
  • view any student’s PC full-screen and control it e.g. to help that student in a task;
  • blank all students’ screens while you talk to them;
  • send typed messages to students;
  • read messages sent by students;
  • send files to the student PCs e.g. distribute a resource they will work on;
  • collect files from the student PCs e.g. work they have done that will be assessed;
  • start up all the PCs in the room, ready for the start of a session;
  • and lots more – see the online tutorials for details.

There is a brief guide to getting started with Faronics Insight (PDF).

IT Services have a more detailed guide available.

Faronics have the definitive fully detailed user guide (PDF).

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