Information on the current status of Blackboard

Blackboard as a learning environment

If Blackboard experiences an outage neither you nor your students will be able to access your module.

Blackboard apps

It may be that the Blackboard app is still working.

There is one app for students and another app for instructors – you can download the app in advance so you have it available in a hurry if you need it.

Assessment submission

If you have timed assessments such as submissions or tests during the disruption then be aware that your students will not be able to complete them.

They can submit assignments by email to yourself or to the School Office provided they have the email address. Instructions and communications will be crucial at this time.

Be ready to communicate with your students in alternative ways

Prepare your communications with your students without using Blackboard.

Blackboard as a means of access to other tools

Blackboard acts as a host to content from other tools. With planning, you will be able to continue to use these tools independently of Blackboard.


Panopto videos can be accessed via the Panopto website and you will be able to record offline.


Collaborate may not be affected by Blackboard downtime – if you are already inside your session it may well continue. It will however affect you and your student’s route into the session as you will not be able to access the Collaborate page inside your module.


You can continue with some limited functionality in Turnitin if Blackboard is not available by logging directly into Turnitin UK.

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