In an ideal world, the LSS admin team would be provided with details of all instructors and any additional markers required by each module at the start of the teaching period. In the real world, decisions about who is available and able to second-mark student work are often taken much later, in which case this is the process to follow:

Please email these details to Mingqing Jia:

  1. The module code and name (we need both in case of a typo in the module code)
  2. The name(s) of the marker(s) and their Aston username(s).

She will update SITS and the instructors and markers will have access the following day, since Blackboard is updated overnight.

How to look up a username

You can easily look up someone’s username by viewing an email from/to them, right-clicking their name in the From/To fields and selecting Open Outlook Properties. Their username is in the Alias field of the properties.


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