Will Blackboard tests work in languages other than English?

This is a little complex as there are many factors involved.

But we (TEL) think that if you have set your computer to input another language and you write the questions for your test in that language, that is what the student will see.

When the student answers the question they also need to have their machine set to input in that language and that is what you will see.

But this only includes text written in the text boxes, it doesn’t include standard Blackboard text such as, for example, the Yes/No options and therefore there are implications on machine marking.

If you would like to do this please get in touch and we can look into it.

Can videos be live streamed during a Collaborate webinar?

Yes – You can definitely play videos in a Collaborate webinar either through sharing an application, screen or browser.

No – There maybe copyright implications depending on the video itself. For advice on this contact Richard Hopkins in the library.

Will attendance in Collaborate webinars be recorded in My Attendance?

I understand that My Attendance will be suspended for the coming year and only My Engagement will be used. Collaborate session attendance will be registered in My Engagement

Do students have access to Teams?

Yes they do and it has good collaborative features.

But it is not linked to My Engagement or My Attendence. Therefore if you use it for webinars etc the student’s attendance will not be recorded.

Can Blackboard groups be used as Collaborate break out groups?

No. There is no way to import a Blackboard group into a Collaborate session to make a breakout group

What do the P1 or T3 letters mean in the code of my module?

The P is an occurance – if your module runs more than once a year then there is an occurnce on Blackboard for each time it is run.

The T3 is a resit module that will be used by the School Office.

Can Panopto record annotations to PowerPoint made in presentation mode?

I don’t think so. It captures them if you are recording your screen rather than your PowerPoint but is not the point of Panopto. I am still experimenting with this.

Does Panopto need an internet connection to record?

No, you can record without an internet connection and then upload the recordings once you have a connection. Recordings are stored on the computer you used to record them until you upload them to the Panopto server.

What is the difference between a discussion board, a forum and a thread?

The discussion board is an area in Blackboard that contains the forums – it is not where the discussions actually take place.

A forum is where the discussions happen. A forum is created and will usually have a theme such as a topic of study. The forum is then added to a content area in Blackboard. All forums together sit on the discussion board.

Inside the forum, either an instructor or a student creates a thread – this is like a conversation and maybe a question or a subject for consideration.

Participants then ‘converse’ by posting on the thread inside the forum.

Can I add a Collaborate recording to a contextual area in Blackboard?

Yes you can, I recommend you add it to Panopto and then you can embed it. Here are the instructions: http://collaborate.tlc.aston.ac.uk/help-support/ultra/moderators/powerpoint/add-a-collaborate-recording-to-panopto/ 

If you have a question contact the TEL Helpdesk 

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